How to get windows 10, May 2019 update manually

What’s going on geeks, today we are gonna be guiding you on,

How to get windows 10, May 2019 update manually, to be precise it is the latest major update build 1903 from Microsoft, as you can see I’m just updated to the latest

one, here is the build number and you can see it’s 1903, I know I’m a little bit late for the party, as you all know it’s been out there for a while, but there is a reason for me to do the video right now, because there are people out there who didn’t get notified for this major update and who didn’t know there is one yet! So with this article, I can assure you that If you want the major update now, you will get it, whether you get notified from Microsoft’s side or not.

Before we begin let me just show you my current the version before the upgrade,

and you can see it’s on the build 1809 which is from the previous year

I hopeit’s from November 2018. If you want you can checkyours as well, by simply pressing

your windows key + the Letter R on your keyboard

then typing in winver on your run box and

press enter.

Go to your browser and open this

webpage from Microsoft.

Now you will see the windows 10 may 2019 update

headline and that the one we are looking for,

click the update now button under here, and

it will download a small program called Windows10

Upgrader to your computer. Now you can go

to the download location and simply run the

program, it will ask you for your permission

so click yes, and you will see a window like

this, as you can see there is an update available

and it is to the latest version 1903, so let’s

go ahead and click on the update now button,

now it will run a compatibility checkup for

your hardware configuration, and if your computer

meets the minimum requirement to run the upgrade,

you will get ticked in all the criteria’s

like this, and now you can click the next

button, which will start the downloading process,

as I told you, we are getting a major update,

so it will take longer than usual, compared

to your regular windows updates the file sizes

It will be a little bigger. so it might take

some time depending on your internet speeds.

Wait for it to download and once it did, it

will prepare the files for the update, so

let’s wait. And here we go it’s just finished

the preparation for the update. Now all you

have to do is click on this restart now button.

but wait before that please make sure you

have saved all your works if you have something

running in the background. I hope you have

already done so, so let’s go ahead and click

the Restart now button.

Don’t worry if it’s not restarting instantaneously,

wait for a few seconds and it will restart.

And here we go it’s just started the updating

process, it might restart your computer more

than once while the updating process, So I

suggest you to do not interfere unless it

asks you something. It might take a long time

depending on your system configuration, so

sit back and relax.

After it’s kind of complete, it may require

a few more minutes. So enter your password

and let it finish the process.

And here we go, we are just successfully updated to the latest version,

I hoped you liked the tutorial, please don’t forget to share this tutorial

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