OnePlus to soon launch their TV

In this article,

Let’s see about oneplus TV rumors.

In India oneplus started selling their Smartphones from 2014.

They gave features of flagship phones for half the rate

and got the title ‘flagship killer’.

They are following this strategy from Oneplus 1

and continuing till the latest oneplus 7.

Oneplus CEO Pete Lao, last year said that

we will soon enter the smart TV segment.

Because of that, in the Oneplus launch event

which took place in the may of this year,

many were expecting they will launch their Smart TV

But oneplus didn’t launch any TV.

They let down people who are expecting.

Now in Twitter, a tipster named Ishan Agarwal tweeted that

“I have some good news for you all,

oneplus TV is not very far.

The launch might be soon, so stay tuned.

I have very high expectations from it,

what about you?”

He didn’t mention about any specifications

but its hardware will be of very high quality

and it’s software experience will be seamless.

Expect this TV panel will be a 4K and HDR display

Additionally, it will have amazon’s Alexa

and Google Assistant AI support.

I am not sure about this TV’s pricing!

what do you think it will be?

Take a guess and let me know in the comments section down below.

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