Pop-up Selfie Camera v/s Under Screen Camera

Pop-up selfie camera versus under-screen camera,

out of these two let’s see which is better!

To increase the screen size without increasing the phone size

every phone company tried different methods.

First, they stretched the 16:9 aspect ratio

and changed it to an 18:9 aspect ratio.

They made the top parts as screen

which displayed as ‘notch screen’.

Then they reduced the size of the notch.

They removed all the sensor except the front camera

and bought the ‘teardrop style’.

A slight variation to this was the ‘punch on hole’ display.

The main restriction for this was the front camera.

They didn’t know where to keep the front camera, all companies stumbled.

During that time the front camera was motorized by Vivo

and introduced a concept called pop-up selfie camera.

Continuing this other companies

also implemented this in a different style.

A different modification to this was using the rear camera as a front camera by a flip-up mechanism.

A big advantage to this is that we will get the quality of the rear camera in the front camera too.

Not only that, if you have a secondary Wide Angle lens, flipping up can be used for group selfies.

Even though popup and flip-up sounds like a perfect solution, there’s a big disadvantage in these is

Because it has a moving mechanism, there’s a possibility of its motor failing.

Not only that,

the Motors inside takes huge space inside the phone

which could have been used for housing a bigger battery or better cooling.

Without this moving mechanism, there’s an alternative solution,

that is the Under-screen camera.

This works similar to the under-screen fingerprint sensor.

Basically, it has a camera under the screen.

While taking a photo, the pixels under the screen turns off and captures the image in front of it.

A problem to this is because there’s a screen layer in front of it,

the picture quality gets reduced.

Even Oppo has warned their first under-screen camera

won’t have the best quality.

In both methods which I told, there are advantages and disadvantages also.

Which do you think is better?

flip up or under screen camera?

Lemme know in the comments section below.

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