7 Random Facts About World

A 102-year-old German woman is the oldest to receive a PhD. She was banned from attending her final oral exam in 1938 by the Nazi influenced university because she was Jewish.

A 1700-year-old Baobab tree in Modjadjiskloof, of South Africa had a 15 person full bar inside its 155 foot wide trunk called the biig baobab tree bar. The bar closed and tree eventually fell over in 2017.

The nonstick coating called Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene was accidentally invented by Roy Plunkett while trying to create a new refrigerant.

Hundreds of tiny islands known as Crannogs around Scotland are actually manmade and were constructed out of boulders, clay and timbers by Neolithic people about 5600 years ago.

Ancient people in China practiced human head shaping about 12000 years ago they bound growing children’s skulls in order to create a more elongated and oval shape the reasoning and purpose of this practice is still unknown

There is over 4 million cubic yards of concrete in the Hoover dam and power plant which is enough to build a highway from the east coast to the West Coast of the US.

The ‘seeds’ on the outside of the strawberry are not actually seeds but ovaries called achenes that contain a separate fruit with a single seed inside it.

Umami is recently identified as fifth taste it is described as a savory flavor and is caused by glutamate and amino acid that is associated with fruits like tomato meat cheese mushrooms and more.

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