How To Maximise Your battery Life? What Mistakes We Do That Lead To Depletion Of Battery life

Hey there guys,

In this article, I am gonna tell you guys why your smartphone batteries suck and how we can get the most out of them.

Okay, so today we’re looking at lithium-ion batteries which power all of our portable devices like phones, laptops, power packs, power tools, things like that.

When the battery is in use, lithium ions, that’s positively charged lithium atoms, move from one end of the battery to the other and this causes the movement of negatively charged electrons through your device, giving it power.

When the battery is charging, electricity forces the reaction to go in the opposite direction and the ions move back across the battery.

These chemical reactions can happen hundreds of times in both directions, so the average lithium-ion battery usually lasts a few years.

But why do they get worse over time?

It’s really frustrating, smartphones are so expensive and we need to replace them every couple of years!?

As batteries get used and abused, charged and recharged,heated and cooled, over time they start to break down. Lithium gets stuck in the battery and the chemical reaction gets slower and more difficult reducing the amount of power that the battery can hold.

There’s really not much we can do about it, except wait for better batteries to be developed or avoid the following mistakes that you do:

1.Waiting for Battery to Get Drained Extremely Before Charging

This is a typical practice by most cellphone users. Most users are in the propensity for charging their device just when it gets between 1-20% and some never charge it on till it has no life in it any longer.

What users ought to recollect is that their smartphones use Li-particle batteries and those don’t should be depleted at that point charged in full. Indeed, Battery University says that following this training just abbreviates the life expectancy of Li-particle batteries since it includes pressure truly, batteries get focused as well.

As indicated by Battery University “Li-particle shouldn’t be completely charged similar to the case with lead corrosive, nor is it attractive to do as such. Actually, it is better not to completely charge on the grounds that a high voltage focuses on the battery,”. Battery University is a site kept running by Cadex Electronics, an organization spends significant time in battery testing, examination, and practically anything that should be possible to delay battery life.

Li-particle batteries are intended to play out its best between 30 percent and 80 percent limit along these lines, when the battery hits lower than 30, don’t hesitate to charge your smartphone as of now. In like manner, when the charge hits 80 percent, you truly don’t have to trust that your phone will achieve 100 percent any longer.


2.Charging While Phone Case is On

Most phone case users are liable of this, Apple device producers have prompted users to avoid charging their device at an extraordinary temperature in light of the fact that a great deal of battery stress originates from the temperature and it is nothing unexpected that your smartphone here and there warms up during charging. Removing your phone case would support your phone and its battery charge at an agreeable temperature.

“It’s particularly imperative to abstain from presenting your device to encompassing temperatures higher than 95° F (35° C), which can for all time harm the battery limit. Keeping the phone case on would keep the warmth from getting away, along these lines causing your device to become more sweltering and that is downright terrible.

3.Charging Your Phone At The Wrong Place And Time

As referenced before, the Li-particle battery has a specific temperature go that it can work appropriately. Setting your smartphone in a hot territory, on electric device like DVDs, Refrigerator and so forth could raise the temperature and worry it be that as it may, simultaneously, keeping it in low-temperature regions, as before the forced air system, likewise causes issues regardless of whether it is pretty much a brief one.

Once more, users charge their at whenever they wish, charging your device following expelling it from a hot sack or pocket may leave your battery in danger additionally charging while at the same time utilizing likewise lessens battery life expectancy.


This is an exceptionally Common slip-up each client has rehearsed once in their life. Smartphone users plug in their devices before they rest at that point pull the attachment when they wake up numerous hours after. Lamentably, except if a client just rests a few hours, this could represent an issue since Li-particle batteries generally achieve a 100 percent charge somewhere in the range of two and three hours.

At the point when the battery is overcharged, the temperature rises and, in addition to the fact that this would abbreviate the battery life because of stress, it might likewise undermine a client’s security, much the same as those batteries that rapidly warmth up and detonate.

5.Charging With Any Charger That Fits

A few people may think that its helpful that most smartphones utilize a miniaturized scale USB for its chargers; in any case, this does not really imply that all chargers and phones are good. Some phone chargers are intended to remove the power it supplies once your device achieves a 100 percent charge while others don’t.

Now we have talked about what we can do to extend batter life.

But there is a better way too, that is waiting for developed batteries.

So where are these better batteries!?

Well, the major limiting factor for batteries is their energy density and by improving batteries to push them closer to their theoretical limits, we might improve battery life.

For example, a typical lithium-ion battery has a theoretical energy density of 280 watt-hours per kilogram.

But it only has an energy density of 150 watt-hours per kilogram… so there’s definitely room for improvement.

The other way of improving battery power is to increase the size of the battery… But it’s not really that efficient.

So are there better batteries out there???


There are batteries with much higher energy densities currently being developed. Solid-state batteries will be much more powerful AND safer because they don’t have battery acid in them and metal-air batteries have amazing potential.

These are just some of the batteries that could replace lithium ions over the next few years and they’re going to provide much greater energy densities and they’re gonna last much longer than a few years as well.

However, they aren’t currently safe enough to carry around in your pocket all day… and we don’t want another Galaxy incident, so let’s just play it safe and wait a couple more years.

Did you know?

If a battery heats up beyond 80 degrees celsius you hit what’s called a thermal runaway, where it continues heating up causing the components to break down leading to an explosion!

In the meantime, all we can do is try to make the most of these lithium-ion batteries. So how can you maximise your battery life?

Try to keep your batteries between 80 and 20 percent A lot of people think that you need to completely empty your battery then charge it right up to 100 percent, but that actually refers to old nickel-cadmium batteries which had battery memory.

Testing has shown that lithium-ion batteries last much longer if they maintain a charge that’s not too low or too high.

Another thing you can do is keep your battery cool. Heat is going to reduce the capacity of your battery by causing the insides to break down over time.

That means that you shouldn’t leave it in the Sun and if it starts to heat up when you’re using it, you’re slowly killing the battery so maybe give it a break. And don’t keep your batteries constantly charging! This will keep them from being overly charged and heating up, both of which will reduce the battery’s lifespan.

Sure, they don’t last long, but batteries are pretty freak in cool!

The fact that you can phone your friends, watch movies, check out photos look at the temperature and do laptop work from pretty much anywhere at any time… that’s pretty amazing, you can’t deny it.

So yeah, batteries aren’t perfect but they’re pretty damn handy! enjoy using technology wherever you are and just hang out for a few more years for those super batteries to be developed!

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