PUBG Mobile Season 8 Phase 2 and August Update leaks #1


In the new update of version 0.14.0, Pubg is adding a pirate theme

A new pirate lobby, akm, and m24 gun skins, new outfits of premium crate, A pirate outfit, maybe a new vehicle named Lamborgini, A new Evo ground mode, a new vikendi climate are expected to come and below are the few leaked images of them

Pirate Theme Lobby Background.
Release on August Update (Season 8 Phase 2).

AKM – The Seven Seas, The Lab Skin

M24 – The Seven Seas, The Lab Skin.
Only 5 Level, the same as UZI – Savagery.

UMP9 The Lab Skin for Season 9.

August Update and Some Season 9 Outfit

New Outfit.
No Name, No Model yet. Just Thumbnail for now.


New vehicle with the code name ‘Lamborghini’. This Vehicle’s Default Skin if translated from Mandarin is Supercar or Sport Car. As for the Lamborghini Model is a Skin from this Supercar Vehicle. Many say Mirado, but after I looked around, this is not Mirado, but maybe this is just testing for the new Mirado Skin. In my opinion, this is a new car. Because, it’s good that there is only one vehicle with speed speeding, but the durability is small, or both or even becoming a water drop car is no problem. It’s good, if the Water Drop Vehicle, one Strong Car Durability, one Car Speed Speed up. What do you think ? Enter the new car category or just Mirado Skin? Full 3D Model:

New Feature: Character.
Raise your character level and get additional damage etc.


New Mode: Infection.
Watermark is originally from the game and it is really annoying

Pirate Frame

AKM – The Seven Seas, The Lab Skin.
Loot Crate Preview.

Vikendi Weather

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