How to avoid Spectacles and Eye stress.

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How to avoid Spectacles and Eye stress, Nowadays Electronic gadgets such as smartphone, laptops, computers, TV have become basic needs of our life.

Some of us are so addicted to them that we stick with them for more than 7 hours a day, which is not good for our eyes.

Due to these habits children of even 1st and second class are getting specs, recently I saw a kid who was probably around 4 years old but he had thick spectacles and always playing games in phones.

If this is the case then think about the software engineers who have to constantly work on computer for almost 10 hours a day, imagine how much stress their eyes are handling, most of them have spectacles of course😑

But some of you might be thinking few of them who work more than the normal they don’t have spectacles, it was the same question hanging around with me.

So one day I asked my cousin brother who works in Infosys that how he manages the stress of the computers on your eyes and doesn’t have a spectacle after working more than 10 hours a day from more than 3 years.

He could give me the answer that he use what he calls the 20-20-20 formula(of course not the date😂). Before knowing what is that formula

Let’s understand why the screen’s causes us to have spectacles.

As you know that we are able to see things through eye, particularly the lens, when the light falls on any object then it reflects from that object’s surface and reaches our eyes which enables us to see, so, this doesn’t give much damage to our eyes, but this is not the case for the electronic gadgets, the screens doesn’t reflect the light and enables us to see instead it is the direct rays from that screen’s LCD& LED’s that makes us see it, since the light rays are directly coming in contact with our eyes, it can damage our eyes.

So now let’s talk what is 20-20-20 formula

Basically, when I asked my brother he said that whenever he sits to work on his computer, after every 20 mins he doesn’t look at the screen, he turns his face away from the screen and focuses or sees an object which is 20 m away from him for 20 seconds and he repeats this after every 20 mins, even I have applied this formula when I play games and sit in front of my computer, and really saying this actually works, now I don’t feel much stress on eyes after shutting-down down my device(Obviously, I never had spectacles from beginning and will not have them in future too). I exactly don’t the reason behind this but this actually works.

You too can start this practice if you don’t want to have spectacles or if you have stress on your eyes and want to reduce it, this worked for me , let me know below whether you liked digispy’s exclusive formula and whether the 20min-20m-20sec formula work for you in my contact form or my email

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