OnePlus 7 Pro |Buy or Not? | Must read

OnePlus 7 Pro |Buy or Not? | Must read.

Hello friends, I hope all you are in great joy, today I am going to tell you something about Oneplus 7 pro that will surprise you. So continue reading and read this article till the end otherwise you will miss information.

One plus
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All of us know, about OnePlus series the best mobile phone ever. OnePlus is famous for its speed, look, built quality, battery, features and many more. When OnePlus 6 first launched in the market it makes a strong platform for the upcoming OnePlus series. OnePlus 6 get success with its increasing demand in the market.

And now OnePlus 7 pro is launched at the price of 58,999 rupees to give a tough competition to companies like Apple and Samsung. The first look is very attractive and available in three colors. It costs more than its previous phones. But with increasing features, the price for this is very fair, but still, the company is selling OnePlus 6T and OnePlus. And some markets you can get 5G version of OnePlus7 pro.


Like OnePlus 6T, the fingerprint feature is also available in OnePlus 7 Pro. But still this is not water-resistance and the headphone jack is also missing. The phone has a 6.67-inch AMOLED panel, with smooth transition flow.

But, if we talk about gaming phone in this matter it is the best phone ever with a high screen resolution (QHD + resolution).

On the basis of various customer reviews, the OnePlus 7 pro might not have the best design. It is huge, bulky and very heavy. Metallic chassis as also available in the same color as its glass body. The pop-up front camera feature makes it a little bit attractive which comes out only when the selfie camera is activated or when it needs to verify face recognization.


If we talk about OnePlus 7 pro camera, it gives three rare cameras with dual led flash and a pop-up selfie camera.

Cameras –

Regular         –     48 MP

Ultra-wide   –     16 MP

Telephoto    –      8 MP

one plus 7 camera

But in comparison with other phone camera’s it does not gives you better performance. On other hand if we talk about its front camera it seems to be a good improvement with color, tones, shadows, and highlights.


OnePlus phones always gives us better performance. With new series smooth performance in handling is going better continuously with its every launch.

oneplus 7 performence

It gives you very good performance and handling in everyday operation and we all know that how much we use our phones. Even with heavy-duty tasks like gaming, songs, multimedia, and many others, after all, it gives you a smooth performance. The phone also boasts liquid cooling, which helps this in keeping its temperature under control. If you use your phone for very long hours then this is one of the best phone ever.


In our daily life we all use our phones regularly but in our busy hours we don’t have a second to charge our phone even we used to carry our chargers in our pocket. OnePlus 7 pro provide you a 4000 mAh battery which is good in comparison of other phones.
After screen power, apps, and other function still you can use it for more than 12 hours. OnePlus 7 pro take half an hour to charge its battery from 0 to 60 percent and less than two hours to get completely charged.

oneplus 7 pro battery


If you thinking about to buy this phone then there is no problem you can buy it. If you are a businessman or any others who uses their phones for long hours then it is very good and also if you are a PUBG lover and want a phone which provides you good battery backup and better performance then this is one of the best phones for you.


I hope you get this article helpful. And if you have any questions? Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.


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