5 Things to Know Before Starting a Blog 2019

How to start blogging

Hello guys,

In today’s article I am going to tell you about something new and informative. If you are thinking about starting a blog then read this article till to the end. Because I will tell you something about blog.

Now days every person is trying to start a blog, YouTube channel, Websites and other online programs.

But today’s article I am going to tell you about only blog. If you are thinking that starting a blog and earn through it is very simple, then you are wrong because it is never easy to start and set up a business. And when there are lots of experience and pro bloggers. In my opinion blogging is never easy, if you start a blog then it takes minimum 1-2 months to setup blog and manage posts, backlink, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many other setups which are not easy for beginners.

So without taking too much time let’s start –


1. COLLECT ALL INFORMATION – If you are thinking about starting a blog then first you should know about blog. And for this you can take help from other successful bloggers and Google. Because if you don’t know anything about the work you are starting, then maybe you will face many problems and after that might you will think about leave this work. That’s why I am telling you that before starting a blog collect all information about it and then think that you can do it or not?

2. CONTENTS – This is second most important point. Before starting a blog think about post you publish. Because you cannot copy any others post, if you will do that then Google definitely ban your account. There are many people who had started blog and in starting there are 10-15 posts in their mind and after that they have nothing. And then they post inappropriate things. You can start a blog on knowledge in which you are very good and want to share your knowledge with others. But if don’t have contents then after 10 -15 posts you also think about leave it.

3. PATIENCE – Third point is patience, yes patience it is one of the most important thing. You can do any work if you have some patience. In blog if you are thinking that we start a blog today and earn it from tomorrow then it is never be possible. Through my personal experience it takes minimum 2-3 months and maximum maybe it goes to 8-9 months. Because you can start a blog easily but earning through it takes so much time because all the earning is in the hand of Google Adsense and until Adsense does not approve your account, you are unable to make money because the policies of Google Adsense is very strict and due to which it take time.

4. BLOGGING IS NOT FREE – You can get many free blogging web sites where you can start your blog free. But there are so many limitations and many of the things are in their control. But if you want your own blog where everything will be in your control so you should spent money for that. First you should have your own domain, web hosting, hire better writers, web designing; paid promotions for traffic and here approx you should spend 1000 – 2000 rupees.

Never Give up

5. NEVER GIVE UP – Now if after all the points mentioned above you think you can start a blog then I am very happy that you are daring to do something difficult. Now I just want say that may be it takes some time but if you start it once then don’t leave it till you get success. And try to bring original information to the peoples.


Hope you guys like this article and if you are also thinking about starting a blog then just think about the points mentioned above. And hope if you start a blog then never forget our last point “NEVER GIVE UP”.


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