How To Protect Our Personal Information – Cyber Safety #3

So, In this part of The Cyber Safety series we will know about how to Protect Our Personal Information


We need to hide our identity either intentionally or due to governmental and professional restrictions. Sice all HTTP
requests, originating from our machine, carry a lot about our identity with them, we need to be aware of the ways by
which this information can be concealed from the third-party proxy server or unauthorized vendors. By using anonymous browsing, we eliminate all these factors and browse the net without revealing any personal information or
interest. This is why it is essential to encrypt the data to hide one’s identity.


Private browsing also known as “Incognito Mode”, is a means by which we can safeguard our identity and browsing
details when online. By enabling incognito browsing mode in our web browsers, we can prevent

  • Saving of your details as in the autofill feature
  • Accidental saving of username and passwords
  • Saving of browsing history when accessing the web from a public domain
  • Saving of data in cookies
  • Location tracking

Though private browsing restricts the information being sent out from your device, it still does not make you completely anonymous. Your ISP can still track your behaviour through your IP address.
To activate the incognito mode, open your browser. Select the File>New Private Window or New Incognito Window. This opens the incognito Window, which looks like as shown here in Google Chrome.

Different browsers may have different names for the incognito mode

Chrome:Ctrl+Shift N
Firefox: Ctrl Shift +P
Internet Explorer:Ctrl+Shift+ P

Most of us book our flight tickets and hotel rooms online. When we search for the available flights or hotels on a
particular date for a particular destination, tracking cookies are generated. Suppose, due to some reason, you do not
book the tickets or the hotel room in that browsing session. So, the next time when you open the site to book the
tickets or the hotel, you see that the prices have increased. This is because those websites are tracking your searches
Example and know that you have to travel on a particular date. On the other hand, in incognito mode, the ticket fares or hotel
tariffs do not change as the site is unable to check if you have visited the site before.

1.Proxy Server

A Proxy server is a dedicated computer or a software system which acts as an intermediary between an endpoint device
such as a computer, and another server from which a user or client is requesting a service. So, the tracking website will
get the information on the proxy server and you can still browse the site without disclosing your IP address or location
Examples of proxy servers are Apache, HAProxy, Nginx, etc
Remember, many applications or web servers deny access to requests, which have originated from proxy servers on
the web.

Let’s take the example of a school to
understand how proxy server works. In a
school computer lab, a proxy server can be
installed to check the browsing activities of students. A student sends request to the
website, which is first analysed and checked by simple the firewall, and then sent to the proxy server.
Thus, it administers the websites visited by the students and also protect them from bogus sites by blocking them.

2.Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN allows you to hide your true identity by encrypting the data and web traffic, thus making it impossible for any third party to decode it. A VPN changes your IP address and connects you to a server with a different IP and location. As a result, no browsing cookies are saved. A VPN has many useful features such as a military-level encryption and firewall, which makes it an excellent tool for online privacy and
security. That is the reason many people, business, governments, and military organizations use VPNs.
Nowadays, you can set up a VPN at home to protect yourself from hackers trying to access your sensitive information and
from other dangers of the Internet. Example of VPN is Cisco’s VPN client and server software.

I hope this article was helpful and knowledgeable to you
Stay tuned for the part4 😁 It will the most interesting part of this series.

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