Why Microsoft Does Not Stop Piracy In India?

Why Microsoft Does Not Stop Piracy In India?

This is a question asked by almost all of us, at a time we all come across this question that the windows 10 being 8,000rs – 10,000rs on the official site, but the same windows 10 is being sold at a price as low as 300rs in a local electronics store.

Some of you might think that Microsoft can’t do anything about it or Microsoft is trying to stop it. Maybe you are wrong, now think about it, Microsoft is a Billion Dollar company, it has got the professionals in software, ethical hackers, etc having the world-class employee’s Microsoft can actually stop Piracy in few minutes if they wish to do so.

Now,  you may think that why would Microsoft being able to stop piracy, isn’t doing it. Well, stick with this article till the end to know the Answeeeer…

You, me and all of us have mostly used Microsoft OS in our childhood, school days, and in our colleges too, we are so habituated to windows OS that, if we are given any Other computer running on any other Operating System such as Linux, Ubuntu, Mac OS, then we would feel difficulty in using them, and surely we will demand a Windows OS operated Computer, well this is the main goal of Microsoft Which is limiting them from stopping piracy..

Microsoft knows that we all have used Windows, and we all are expert in using it, so whenever we go to a company or institution, if they give us a computer running on another Operating system, then definitely we will demand a Computer which is running on Windows, thus, leading the company or Institution to Purchase the Enterprise version of Windows, hence, Microsoft earns Huge Profits In This Way.

So, Microsoft wants us to Keep using Windows OS and Get habituated to it, and thus leading them to earn huge Income. Maybe someday, due to some reasons, Microsoft May Actually Stop its own Piracy.

I hope, that I have Answered All the questions that you were having about Piracy Of windows, so if you have any suggestions for this article then please feel free to let us know in the comment section below, and if you want us to write an article on any other topic, then please don’t forget to say it below…

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