Online Safety And Types Of Malware.

Online Safety And Types Of Malware.

Hello guys, welcome to the 7th part of Cyber Safety series in this part we will know about the types of malware like ransomware, virus, worm, etc and how they enter and steal our data. So, let’s begin:

The Internet has revolutionized communication and it has become the lifeline of any organization. With the rapid growth of the internet and its applications in diverse fields security risks have also increased. It is the duty of every Netizen, to use the Internet and its services responsibly, so that one can take precautions to keep their computers and online data safe.

While working online, a system may get infected with various harmful programs known as MALWARE. Malware is a combination of two words, malicious and software. Malware is a malicious program that enters into a computer and damages it without the user’s knowledge. It not only interrupts the normal working of a computer but also steals important information of a user.

There can be variety of malware programs. Some common ones are:

Adware: Adware are programs that send unwanted advertisements to the user’s computer. These advertisements
generally appear in the form of pop ups, which can disrupt user’s working. So, it is advised that before installing or downloading any software, use a legitimate site and read the installation agreement thoroughly.

Spyware: Spyware is malicious software that secretly monitors the user’s computing activities. These programs can collect various types of personal information, such as tracking the Internet surfing habits and visiting web pages by the user or changing the configuration of our system. These programs have the ability to scan files on the hard drive and snoop other applications, such as chat programs or word processors.
While doing so, they consistently transmit this information in the
background to someone else who will either sell the information to another party or use it for the advertising/marketing purposes.

Virus: A virus is a contagious program or code that attacks the user’s system and causes damage to data and files on a system. It adversely affects the performance of the user’s system by attacking any part of a computer software such as boot block, operating system, files and application software that support macros, or system areas. Most often
this is spread by sharing software or files between computers.

Worm: A worm is a program which can create multiple copies of itself and can consume large portion of system memory.It is a malware that has the ability to self-replicate and spread across machines and networks on its own.

Trojan Horse: Trojan Horse is one of the most dangerous is a program (e.g.spreadsheet or game) that at
first glance seems to be useful but once it is activated, it harms the system by deleting files or by modifying useful information.

Denial-of-service attack: It is a harmful program meant to slow down a system. It can block a computer network and makes the software inaccessible to the user. Example: AOL, Yahoo or your business network can become unavailable.

Rootkit: A malware designed to remotely control your system without being noticed. Once installed it will remotely access and modify sensitive and system information without being tracked by any security program.

Backdoors: This software helps the other malware to enter your system and harm it.

Keyloggers: These are software designed to capture keystrokes without being identified by the user or security program.

Ransomware: Itsends messages on a user’s system that the system is locked and the user will not be able to work on
it until one pays a certain amount. It is not a real notification rather an infection of the system itself. This request for money is totally fake and even if one pays the amount, he still will not be able to work on his system.

Short fact:

  1. The term Netizen describes a person actively involved in online communities or the Internet in general.

Hope, this article was helpful to you and stay tuned for the last but not the least part of this series it will cover topics about damages caused by malware, it’s Safety measures, cybercrime , reporting cybercrime and cyber law, so get ready for it . It will unleash tomorrow at 8:30 pm IST.

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