Technology : Advantages and Disadvantages

Hello Guys,

Today I am going to tell you about most important thing related to our daily life and use. From the title all you know that already at which topic today I am going to tell you.

From our past we can imagine how much we are now developed, the main reason for this development and growth is technologies. In ancient time peoples don’t have clothes, don’t know how to talk, there is no way for long distance conversation and neither have any method to travel long distances but now everything is changed today we have good clothes, we can talk, we have cell phones through which we can connect from peoples in any part of world, Vehicles, airplanes and ships for long distance.

The main purpose of developing technologies is to develop this world and make our works easier but now with advantages there are many disadvantages of technologies.

So without taking too much time let’s come to the main point –


Saves Time –

Few years ago to transfer money we want to go banks and it takes so much time but now we can transfer money online from anywhere from our mobiles. In past we need to send letters for long distance but some time it takes so time and most of the time not reaches at destination but now you can mail in few minutes, you can also fax and it is so easy.

Ease of Mobility –

Can you imagine your life without car and bikes? If yes then you definitely know the value of them due to them we can travel and cover very long distances.

Means OF Communication –

Due to rapid growth and development of technologies now the network setup is much better you can make video calls in any part of world.

Impossible is Now Possible –

Due to modern science and technologies now nearly everything is possible. In ancient days now one think that one day person will be at moon, electronic pulse have been invented, you can see your dreams from open eyes.

Better Learning Techniques –

Now the classes in school are running without teachers, studentsare now able to understand education more easily. There is no need of tutor instead of tutor know student study from YouTube and learn very quickly.


Data Security –

Modern and digital technology means the huge amount of data and information can be collected. There is much information like our country secrets, individual private information and it is very tough to keep these information and data secure. A single mistake means the huge amount of information going into the hands of criminals, terrorist and enemies.

Cybercrime and Terrorism –

With rapid growth of technology, the means of crime are also increasing for criminals. They are using these modern technologies in wrong way for their own profit. Now it’s a modern world and the way of crime is also become modern.

Read about Cyber crime(8 parts):

Addiction –

Technology makes our life and work easy but it is also addiction. Social media, games, messaging etc. There are most of child are now addicted to games, the youth is busy on dating websites, our moms is busy on social media. Technology is not bad but the addiction is not so good.

Plagiarism and Copyright –

Due to copy and reproduce our music industries facing many problems and huge losses of costs. Now school kid copy their school projects from internet without actual learning. Technology is made up for making education easy but the student using this technology in wrong way.

Depersonalized Warfare –

Due to advanced technology now weapon can be operated from anywhere without any human presence. You can control missiles by remotes and can change its way.

Final words

Technology is such great things which make our life easy and better use it in suitable way otherwise “The most beautiful thing is also the most dangerous thing”.

Thank you readers.

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