Why Indian Space Research Organization is Aiming For Mars As Next Base?

Why Indian space research organization is aiming for mars as next base?

On 23 November 2008 ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair had first announced the unnamed mission to mars and from there the Journey to mars begins.

In 2012 the Prime minister of India was Shri Manmohan Singh and back then he approved on this project on 3 August 2012.

The reason for this project at that time was only one that Manmohan Singh wanted to create history through this mission.

According to Data, we will be the first one who will go to mars. India is first to go to mars and through this project, the main objective was to find that if there are life and water available or not.

ISRO has sent space crafts to mars multiple times but this time ISRO is aiming for mars and here are some following information about it:

Cost of this Project

Mars Orbiter mission has an estimated value of 450 crores ($73Million) and India has done very well with this also. India is the first country who has successfully finished this project in this amount of budget.

Why Indian space research organization is aiming for mars as next base?

Objectives of Mars Orbiter Mission

The main objective of ISRO was to check the deep side of space and universe through this mission.

ISRO wants to study the mars surface and they were curious for water and life on Mars.

They want to study CO2 and atmospheric layers.

Challenges for this Mission

The first and main challenge was budget as we mentioned above ISRO has done this whole project successfully only in 450 Crore ($73 Million) and this is a big achievement for Indian space Industry.

At one point ISRO scientists face the issue of lack of resources like Parts of space crafts, Etc. The total challenge was to get this mission done.

The third was that due to limited budget ISRO has a limited amount of fuel so to enter into mars orbit it is a challenge with that amount of fuel.

ISRO has used some different strategies to execute on this mission they first used the technique in which they Turn off and Turn on the engine on specific points. For example, ISRO space engines get turn on when the spacecraft has chances to exit the orbit lines. Means when it comes to the upper side than they turn on the engine to give it a little boost so it can go out of orbit and reach to mars.

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