How To Create an Amazon Affiliate Account?

Hello Guys, in today’s article we will continue the series of affiliate marketing. So I am going to tell you today about how to create an Amazon Affiliate account.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing then read this also What is an Affiliate marketing?

So let’s start if you want to create an Amazon affiliate account and want to earn a handsome amount so follow the steps below.

How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Account

Log In to the Amazon

STEP 1: If don’t have an Amazon account then create an account. And if you already have an Amazon account then you don’t need to create new one.

STEP 2: Now scroll down the page to the bottom of the Amazon home page.

STEP 3: There you will get lots of option. Now click on the option “Become an Affiliate”

STEP 4: After that a new page will open in front of you. Click the “Join Now” button to get started.

Submit your Personal and Website details

STEP 1: May be after looking detail form you will a little bit nervous but the form is so easy to fill. Fill your personal information correctly in the form.

STEP 2: After filling your personal details, you will then asked to add your website or app details.

Complete you Profile

After completing your personal and website details now fill your profile where it will ask things like

1. Your preferred ID.

2. Your website details.

3. Items you want to promote.

4. How you build links.

5. How you drive traffic to your website.

Verify your Identity

This is normal and easy verification. Amazon will ask for a mobile number after filling mobile number a pin of 4 digits will appear on your screen, fill your working number. After that click on call me now and after that Amazon will make an automated call and ask you to verify the pin appear on your screen. That’s it your identity verified. Now click on finish.

Choose Method you want to be paid

This is the last step of your form where Amazon will ask you for payment method.

1. Check (15 dollar processing fee is waived for international associates)

2. Amazon gift card

3. Direct deposit

After completing registration you will be able to get affiliates link of Amazon products.

Final words

As I already told you that affiliating is one of the best and oldest ways to earn money. So it doesn’t mean that you will earn money without any work if you want to earn money work hard on the works you are doing.

Thank you

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