Why Custom Domain Name is Better Choice Over Free Domain?

Did you know why Custom Domain is better choice over a Free Domain? If you don’t know, then read this article to the end. There are many peoples who start blogging and some of them use free domain and some use a custom domain. But there are some peoples might who don’t know about the advantages and disadvantages of free and custom domain.

Why Custom Domain Name is Better Choice Over Free Domain? Domain, Internet, Web, Dot, Com, Www, Website, Name

For beginners it is better to use a free domain, a free domain helps you to get knowledge and experience easily.

There are many limitations with free domain but if you buy a custom domain you will get more feature and freedom to do many other things on your site. Let’s start –

Why Custom domain is Better choice over a free domain?

1. Cheap

The best thing of custom domain is you can buy it for very cheap price and you can get it in just 2$ – 13$.

You can buy domains from here at cheap price



2. Easy to Discover

If you have a blog and using free domain then it is hard to find your blog for others because there are many other peoples who are also using BlogSpot. So the BlogSpot is very common. On other hand if have your own custom domain name then people can find easily your blog.

3. Trust on Social Media

BlogSpot is a free domain platform, so that this is also used by cybercriminals. That’s why people do not trust on Blogspot at social sites. If you a custom domain name for your blog then it will remove copyright of using free domain from you site and it built people trust on your site.

4. Google AdSense Approval

The main reason of starting a blog of many people is to getting Google AdSense approval. And it is one of the best ways of making money online. According to my personal experience Google AdSense gives much earlier approval to a custom domain site in comparison of free domain site.

AdSense takes a custom domain more seriously than the free domain and also f a custom domain for your blog increase the chances of getting AdSense approval.

5. SEO

Having your own custom domain will surely increase your website’s positioning under search results on top search engines. It will also help you while shifting your blog from blogger to WordPress.

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