15 Tactics to Grow Your Audience #1

Hello Guys, In this 3 part series of 15 Tactics to Grow Your Blog’s Audience, we will know How to get audience to your blog in easy way.

In this First Part We are Going to know about

1. First things first: Don’t (just) Follow Your Passion.

…But Don’t Do Something You Don’t Like

2. Write (A Lot) Less, Write (A Lot) Better

3. Build it and They (Probably) Won’t Come

4. Install Social Sharing Plugins

5. Email > Social Media

1. First things first: Don’t (just) Follow Your Passion.

This is one of the biggest obstacles when you choose a topic to blog about. If you just choose what you’re interested in without analyzing what people actually want, you’re going to have a hard time growing a successful blog. If you just want to start a blog and write things you enjoy (even if there are few to no other people interested), that’s great – but I’d strongly advise against it if you’re trying to grow an audience.

To begin, make a list of skills and interests you have that are valuable. Make a list of what people ask you about. If you enjoy podcasting and people ask you about it, that could be a very profitable blog topic.

…But Don’t Do Something You Don’t Like

Then again, you can’t (and probably don’t want to) simply think like a robot.

Blogging about light bulb repair may be a very profitable topic, but if you hate it, you won’t have the energy to put in the effort and time you’ll need to grow your blog. Plus, you’ll hate it (obviously).

2. Write (A Lot) Less, Write (A Lot) Better

A lot of new bloggers believe that you need to write new blog posts every day. Maybe in 2005. These days, what really matters is epic, ultra-actionable evergreen content – not short, click-baity fluff. Nearly 2 million blog posts are published every day. More than ever, you need to stick out by being exceptional.

Successful bloggers like Bryan Harris and Brian Dean spend anywhere from 10-40 hours on any given blog post. And if you look carefully, you’ll see that they post very infrequently – once every month or less.

So focus all your efforts on less content – but better content. Write the kind of stuff that you would otherwise try to sell. Without a foundation of quality, no matter how many traffic generation tactics you try, they won’t work in the long term – because your content doesn’t stand out.

Takeaway: Write less often. Write better content.

3. Build it and They (Probably) Won’t Come

One of my favorite phrases that I wish was true is “Build it and they will come”. If you stick around in the online marketing guru space long enough, you’ll hear this advice over and over again – even from well-meaning experts.

While that advice may have held up in the early days of the internet, it’s 2018. That simply isn’t true. You can’t just write great content and expect traffic. You have to both write great content and promote like crazy.

Derek Halpern recommends that you spend 20% of your time writing posts and 80% actually promoting it.

(P.S. If you don’t believe me, spend a dozen hours writing a wonderful post. Throw it out on the web. They probably won’t come.)

Takeaway: Actively promote your content, don’t just passively wait for people to show up.

4. Install Social Sharing Plugins

A simple tweak to get more visitors is just to ask your current visitors to share! If your post is truly incredible, and you ask nicely enough, you can increase your traffic without any work (other than the time you spend installing the plugin!)

A great tool for social sharing plugins is Sharethis. Make sure you configure it so that the social sharing buttons are on the bottom center of your posts.

Takeaway: Install Sharethis’s social sharing plugins to increase traffic.

5. Email > Social Media

Email is greater than social media. I’ll say that again. Email, in 2018, is greater than social media. By a landslide too!

There is no greater platform than email when it comes to growing your blog following and making money off of it. The simple truth is, it kills all other platforms. There’s no comparison.

Email is the most used electronic media, according to this post by Priit Kallas. The number of people who favor checking their email every day is incredibly high: roughly 70% as of November 2017.

That’s an incredible tool that you simply must use to your advantage. It’s just common sense. Why wouldn’t you market and grow your blog through the number one form of electronic media?

Regardless of all the other platforms out there, (Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter e.t.c), Email is still #1. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s 2018, no one uses their email anymore.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

These were the 5 tactics out of 15 tactics if you want to know more then stay tuned for the next parts.

let us know about any suggestions below

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