15 Tactics to Grow Your Audience #2

Hello Guys, In this series of 15 Tactics to Grow Your Audience, we are here with part 2, the continuation of part 1.

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6. Make Friends

Establishing relationships with bloggers in your niche is one of the best things you can do for your blog. But just cold emailing Jeff Goins and asking him to share your post….don’t do that. Even if you do email Jeff and tell him how you really like his stuff, he probably won’t have time to respond.

Here’s a surefire technique to actually get in front of influencers: buy a book or course from them, follow a specific strategy they recommend to the T, then email them letting them know your exact results.

Getting someone to take action on something you say is ridiculously rare. When you go in the comments of a blog post about getting 100 subscribers, how many comments do you see saying “Hey dude, thanks so much! I followed this exact strategy on X blog and got 100 in 48 hours :)”? Never. Because people just don’t take action.

A very smart hack I learned from Bryan Harris to actually get your emails to influencers seen is to not cold email them but to hit reply to an email they sent to their email list. That way, instead of seeing a cold email in their inbox, they’ll see: RE: My email. So they’re far more likely to open it, and when you’re reporting results of taking their advice, respond to it.

Don’t expect this to work as a traffic generation strategy short-term. And please don’t do it just for the sake of traffic 😉

But over time, these relationships can lead to amazing things. Bryan got featured on Lifehacker by just reporting the results he had from Noah Kagan’s Monthly1k course. But it didn’t happen right away.

Takeaway: Send one email to someone you’ve bought a course from, letting them know a result you’ve had from following their advice.

7. Get Traffic With Forums Like John Meese

I recently asked John Meese a question. He’s currently the Dean at Platform University (a HUGE online course from Michael Hyatt), and formerly a guy who worked a Chick-fil-A. In between, he quit his job at Chick-fil-A by growing a small email list of a few hundred people and running his first $10,000+ product launch.

John grew his email list by being insanely helpful in forums related to his topic (Michael Hyatt’s wordpress theme) and including a forum signature linking to his email list sign-up page and linked to blog posts when relevant.

I asked him what pieces of advice he would have for someone interested in growing their email list through forums/facebook groups (we talked a bit about this last Monday).

He had three:

“Focus on solving people’s problems where you can make the greatest contribution. When you’re helpful, people will value your input.”

Solve. People’s. Problems. Help people in exchange for – nothing. Be generous and serve. John is a great example of this. He jumped on Skype 

calls to help people with their problems with the WordPress theme, he answered questions in-depth, and he proved his value before either asking people to join his email list, or worse: asking them to buy your product.

If you can demonstrate your value before asking for your target customer’s email or credit card number, you build trust.

Takeaway: provide value first. You can ask people to join your list or buy your thing later. But build trust and authority first.

“Don’t spam conversations with links back to your own content. Use your gut on this, if there’s a natural way to reference a resource on your website while answering someone’s questions, do it. But don’t link just for the sake of a link.”

Amen. The fastest way to not grow your email list is to spam people. Don’t join a forum for the sake of posting links. Join to serve people, build trust, and over time get truly committed followers.

If someone asked me, “How should I get 100 subscribers?”, I would actually answer the question in a good amount of detail, and say something like, if you’re interested, I go into super-practical detail in this post I just wrote. Think it would really help.

Think of your email list in terms of actual people, not numbers. If you aim to actually serve people, your list will flourish. But if you just do a half-decent job and are hyper-focused on building the number of people on your list, you won’t see results.

Takeaway: make your number one priority helping people. And, when it’s relevant, definitely do post a link to a blog post! When you actually provide value, you’ll see much higher engagement, traffic, and subscribers than just posting links everywhere.

“Listen to common themes in questions you see online. If a theme comes up repeatedly that you don’t have a blog post or product about, create one!”

This one is great. In essence, find out what people are frustrated with. Then write articles and build products based on those. If you’re wondering what you should write about or sell, maybe you’re not taking enough time to hang out with and serve your target audience.

If you blog about gardening, hang out where other gardeners hang out. That might be a community, forum, or Facebook group. But get involved, serve those people, and generally be aware of who your target audience is and what they’re frustrated by.

8. Post Quality Answers on Quora

Quora is one of the biggest websites in the world. Answers to questions on Quora rank really highly on Google. Even better, you can write your own answers on Quora. So, if you write a high-quality answer, your post could easily get thousands of views.

Writing answers and getting traffic from Quora is pretty simple. In short, write great content.

Follow topics in your niche on Quora, answer questions in detail, and link to a blog post on your site that expands on it even more.

Takeaway: Answer questions on Quora to build up referral traffic.

9. Get 500 New Subscribers from Your Next Guest Post

Guest posting is great. When done right, it can give you social proof, help you build relationships with bloggers in your niche, and get your more email subscribers.

Done wrong, guest posting can be a massive waste of time, or, slightly better, just a little boost in credibility.

What you want are email subscribers.

Guest posting, when done right, can help you get dozens, even hundreds, of quality subscribers for your email list.

Think about it: a guest post is functionally you providing value to your target audience. So if your guest post is amazing and it’s on a blog that has lots of readers from your target market and you give those readers a very strong reason to subscribe to your email list, your guest post will…work.

There are three components here:

Make your guest post amazing

Write something epic. Write something long. If it’s a how-to article of some sort, could a random person get the result you’re talking about in the article? If not, make it longer, more detailed, and more actionable.

Tens of millions of blog posts are published every week. You have to stick out.

Pitch to the right site

The site you’re trying to write for should:

1) Accept guest posts

2) Be in your niche

3) Have a good number of readers

4) Allow you to include links to your own site (assuming you’re not being too self-promo on your own end)

So make a list of all the sites you read in your niche and narrow them down. Build a relationship with the creator and eventually pitch to them.

Use content upgrades

This is how you actually get subscribers. If you read a great guest post and at the bottom it has a bio that reads something like this, “John Doe is an expert in bananas. He’s studied them formally at Harvard and is a world-leading authority. His website is johndoewritesaboutbananas.com”, how likely are you to click and subscribe?

But if you include a special bonus at the end of your article that’s irresistible to your target reader, they’ll check it out and subscribe!

For example, if you’re writing a post called “How to Improve Your Fingerstyle Technique”, you might write at the bottom of your post:

“And there you have it, 10 techniques for improving your fingerstyle! There’s a LOT to implement. One of the biggest challenges to getting actual results is tangibly understanding what these techniques sound like in real life. I’ve put together a free video series featuring examples, hands-on exercises, and demonstrations to practically help you understand and use these techniques. Access the free bonus here!”

Instead of having a generic call-to-action like “Subscribe to my newsletter!” or worse “Visit my blog!”, by offering an insanely targeted lead magnet specific to your guest post, all these readers already interested in your content will bend over backwards to sign up for the free video series.

And that’s how you 100x the effectiveness of your next guest post!

10. Go Viral with GoViral

Want a great piece of free software that allows you to incentivize your readers to promote you? Here you go.

This free tool by Bryan Harris lets you incentivize readers with a bonus gift, and in return they promote you via facebook, twitter, email or another platform of your choice. It’s an incredible way to go viral, as people get something free, and in return you get promoted by those people.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Reader gets on your site and joins your list.
  2. Reader is immediately taken to a page thanking them and offering them some irresistible bonuses by sharing the lead magnet they just signed up for.
  3. Reader shares your article on social media.
  4. You get traffic. They get free stuff. Everyone is happy!

It’s a win-win situation.

You get more traffic, shares, and subscribers. And your reader gets more awesome content.

Stay tuned for part 3

Let us know any suggestions below

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