6 Tips To Make Your Phone Last Longer

The importance of Cell phones to humans can’t be overemphasized, this is more reason why every grown-up has either one or more mobile phones. Purchasing a smartphone isn’t just the end of the road, careful maintenance has to be taken seriously because cell phones can be a pretty hefty investment, which is why it’s important to keep them in the best condition possible to ensure they last long.

 Not many people have the means to go out and buy a new phone to replace a broken phone, especially if the phone isn’t insured.
Let get a quick review on Tips To Make Your Smartphone Last Longer :

  •     Protect the exterior of your phone with a Quality case
  •     Purchase a screen protector to keep dust, dirt, and scratches away from your screen
  •     Always Keep Clean
  •     Avoid  keeping your phone away from abrasive surfaces or materials, like beach sand
  •     Unless your phone is waterproof or water-resistant, or you have a protective case then   keep it far away from moisture and water
  •     Don’t use chemicals of any kind to clean the exterior of your device or its display
  •    Always keep away from children (use simple patterns)

1. Purchase A Quality Case

   “Imagine a soldier in a war front without a complete shield” his disaster is just a few miles away because anything can happen. This scenario can be linked to a phone without a case or screen protector because accidents are not planned and anything can happen at any time.

    One of the best ways to keep your phone in a safe State is to buy a good case for it. A good case will have impact-absorbing technology to provide protection.
    It’s important to make sure the case is designed specifically for your model of the phone to ensure it fits snugly. A case with a screen protector is a must because screens are fragile and often shatter with impact. Before getting any case, always make sure it has a comfortable grip design and a slim and sleek profile, such as BodyGuardz iPhone 6 cases.

2. Always Keep Your Phone Clean

While using our phones we unknowingly expose them to tons of fingerprints and oils, not to mention all the other germs your phone comes into contact with each day. Overall, cell phones can get pretty dirty. Dirt and debris can clutter in speaker holes and indents. Oils can build up in the seams or cracks, this whole process occurs repeatedly.
It’s a common advice that you are not supposed to use water or chemicals to clean your device. So what then should I use? I once asked my self that question, let’s go further to answer this question.

Use a microfiber cloth or compressed air or phone cleaning kits to clean phone impurities

 Using a fine or soft microfiber cloth to wipe impurities from the screen is a sure way out to clean out those crevices and seams, you can also use compressed air.

3. Avoid Bad Battery Maintenance Practice

    Most smartphones come with a promising Batterie life from the manufacturer, but at some point in time this seems to appear like a scam, as the battery begins to drain down very fast, this occurs as a result of bad practices from users and no longer from the manufacturer.We will tell you how to stop battery life depletion in a detailed manner in our next article.

   Constantly charging your phone is bad for the battery, so a good tip is to let your battery get to 10% – 20% before charging it.

   Also, Charging it too long or over the night is also a way to make the battery begin to degrade, so make sure you take it off the charger when it hits 100% or even before then. Letting your battery drop to 0% is also not a good idea because it causes the battery to become unstable.

4. Keep Your Phone at the Right Temperature

   Smartphone developers encourage the user to use phones at moderate temperature conditions.  Some users live in an extreme climate where temperatures change frequently and might want to figure out a way to keep their phone conservatively tempered.

    One of the sure way out is to keep your phone close to or around room temperature. Any warmer and you may experience hang-ups, freezes or overheating. If you let it get too cold, it can harm the rechargeable battery inside your phone. Cold temperatures leech the power and energy out of batteries.

    What about phones that get hot within seconds of use? One of the best ways to handle such a device is to always turn off Data connection and allow it cool off, changing the battery may help. But if the case becomes worse we advise you take it back to where you purchased it to avoid further damages.

5. Regularly Delete Apps and Content You Don’t Need

    Some users are yet to answer the question of why they have some types of the app on their phones which they don’t use. Most times the answer is always For future use(like me), amazing the future never comes.

     The more files and apps you have installed, the more sluggish your device is going to be. Over time, all that junk can cause performance issues which slows down your device considerably.

There are a couple of things you can do to fix this:
For starters, remove any and all content you don’t need. If you have too many apps, start getting rid of the ones you never use. Some tools will provide recommendations for apps to remove.

For users whose phone is full of photos or videos,  uploading them to a personal cloud storage service like Google Drive, Apple iCloud or Dropbox could save you a lot. Then simply remove the local content from your device. Most of these services have mobile apps that you can use to browse your stored content from anywhere. You won’t lose access to your photos and videos and yet you have tons more space on your phone.

Unknown to some users,some apps build up large caches of data – the Facebook app is a great example – and it’s beneficial to either clear this data or uninstall and reinstall the app completely. For Android user,  navigate to Settings > Storage and tap the ‘Cached Data’ option to get the prompt to clear it. On iOS, you can simply uninstall the app and reinstall. Either way, pretty simple.

6. General problems

   Look, sometimes mistakes happen, and you drop your phone, or it slips out of your hand. Hopefully, it doesn’t land on a hard surface, or in a way that it cracks or breaks. Using a durable phone case can help protect your phone if this happens.

    There are certain things you never want to do with your phone that put it at risk. That’s why it’s important you handle your expensive device with care. Proper care of a cell phone includes keeping it away from water or liquid in general unless you’re one of the lucky few who has a water-repellent or waterproof device. Still, you’ll want to keep your phone away from deep or murky water, because if you drop it in a lake, for instance, it’s going to be tough to recover.

  Keep it dry. If it’s raining or you’re sweating profusely, store the phone in a way that it won’t come into contact with moisture. If you cannot prevent moisture from getting to the phone, it’s best to leave it out of harm’s way. Yes, in some cases that might mean leaving it at home or inside.

   When you are handling the phone, be sure to keep a tight grip, so you don’t drop it. You can always purchase a lanyard to wrap around your wrist in the event it falls. Some phones – although not all – include a clip that can be used to wrap the lanyard around.

   If you’re handing the phone to someone, never toss it and be sure the other person has a good grip before letting go.

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