Turkey-Pakistan creates joint media strategy for geopolitical goals in South Asia alleges report


A report by the Mediterranean-Asian Investigative Journalists group published by the Research Institute for European and American Studies, an Athens-based think tank, has alleged that Turkey and Pakistan have embarked on a joint media strategy to create a narrative that suits their geo-political interests in South Asia.

The report titled ‘Turkey-Pakistan: Secret Army of Mercenary Journalists’ has claimed that prominent Turkish state news outlets have shifted from recruiting Western journalists and to hire Pakistani origin journalists.

The report claimed that around one-fourth of top and middle-range posts in TRT World (Turkish state-run Television channel) have been occupied by journalists from Pakistan.

Turkish establishment took assistance from the ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations) of Pakistan through a joint initiative and the TRT World initiated a recruitment drive in Pakistan in 2015. Anadolu Agency, state-run news agency, also embarked on a similar drive

The report further claimed that Pakistani Ambassador to Ankara Syrus Sajjad Qazi visited Anadolu Agency last November to intensify #BoycottFrance campaign, and to augment the ongoing campaign on Kashmir.

According to the report, the TRT World has alone employed at least 50 Pakistanis out of 300 odd staff, collectively comprising correspondents, producers, and editors based in Istanbul.

An analysis of social media imprints on #BoycottFrance campaign launched in October last year by Erdogan highlighted that most of the handles promoting the campaign were either from Turkey or Pakistan, according to the report. Similarly, the band of these journalists also helped Pakistan to trend the #BoycottUAE, which apparently became number one trend in the country.

Several activists including Pakistani activist Naila Inayat have highlighted that Turkey-Pakistan combine has efficiently used series like Ertugrul Ghazi to project “the grand Ottoman dreams”

TRT World published over 30 stories when India abrogated Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian constitution related to Jammu and Kashmir, according to the report. Turkey was pulled by India earlier this week at UNHRC session following its Foreign Minister’s comments on Kashmir and New Delhi advised Turkey to abide by UN resolutions.

The plan of creating a new media house by Turkey-Pakistan-Malaysia for tackling ‘Islamophobia’, is nothing else but a plan of reviving Ottoman dreams. Malaysian nationals are also being recruited in TRT World.

One Ali Keskin is equally loved by the Turkish as well as Pakistanis and has contributed to the common narrative by attacking Greece, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India, France, Armenia, Egypt and every country that wishes to challenge the Turkey-Pakistan nexus. Turkish media houses, especially TRT World, has become a massive pro-Caliphate channel.

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