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Hello friends, My name is Veeresh. I am from Karnataka, India. I enjoy the great pleasure of blogging. I also read blogs as well. This is my blog named DIGISPY, in which I tell you all, about technology, Tips and Tricks related to tech, Facts and Fiction, Games and bring you latest updates about these.

I was very interested in computers and Internet, I used to surf internet and play online games with computers almost all day but, I was not interested in studies as much as in computer and online games. I was interested in creating websites, apps explore new things and play games, with this passion I have also won BRONZE MEDAL in National level web designing competition held at IIT BOMBAY. When I used to play games in mobile and computer, I didn’t realize about studies but it didn’t meant that I was weak in studies, I studied only during the exam day(not even 1 day before exams!) waking up at 3:30 a.m. When I was in 7th class, I came to know about blogging, so I used to do blogging along with my studies at the same time. I did not know much about blogging at the beginning. Then, seeing the online courses, I started blogging I got to know about it and I created a blog on my own with free domain and posted articles on it but I did not see any advantage in the beginning, so, I decided to stop it. But recently, I came to know about advantages so, I started this blog on 10 june, 2019.Now I enjoy blogging and looking forward to post regular content on this BLOG. You can read this blog in Hindi, English as well as other languages.

My Email:- “veereshdev14@gmail.com”

You can contact me using this email.